• 4-7 large cloves/bulb
• Stores well; storage life of 5-6 months
• Spicy, intense flavour
• Performs well in Canada and colder climates (cold hardy); requires cold exposure to thrive
• Easy to grow; dependable
• Scape removal is key to optimal bulb sizing
• Umbels ~40-60 medium sized bulbils; 2-3 years to maturity
• Do not over water in later stages; thicker stems take longer to dry
• Mid-season harvest; wait until 50% of the leaves are brown before harvesting
• Sweet when gilled or sautéed and baked
• Large to very large bulbs with purple striped wrappers
• Easy to peel

Creme de la Rasa Garlic

Crème De La Rasa

Estonian Red Garlic Bulb

Estonian Red

Khabar garlic bulb


Kostyn's Red

Kostyn’s Red

Linda Olesky

Linda Olesky

MetechiSeed Garlic


Red Russian

Red Russian