Asiatic varieties are readily identifiable by their distinctive umbel capsule (flower head surrounded by a protective bract). When fully developed, the capsule has an exceptionally long beak that is broad and hollow for a substantial portion of its length. The bulbils (miniature bulbs in the umbel) are also distinctive. They range from large to huge in some varieties, and are often very dark reddish purple. For some varieties, the umbel capsule may have as few as two to four bulbils. If planted, the bulbils are large enough to produce a small multi-cloved bulb at harvest. Unlike most bolting varieties, Asiatics do not require scape removal (flower stalk) to produce large, normally sized bulbs, though scape removal may yield slightly larger bulbs in some growing conditions. The scape is typically short and drooping rather than strongly coiling. The flavors range from mild in some cultivars to spicy and intense.


Pyong Vang Korean