Growing Garlic – 3 Key Things

There are a number of ways that you can grow Garlic. You can grow garlic using a no till farm system like we do or conventional farming system, tilling and planting. You can grow with or without raised beds.


You can choose to cover crop or not. You can choose to grow organically or conventionally. This blog post is not meant to be judgemental of what method you use. There are many reasons why each farmer and or gardener will choose which ever method they believe in.

This blog post is about no matter how you farm or garden there are a few things you can and should do that can greatly increase your chance of success.

  • Test your soil.
  • Amend the soil in your field or garden with what ever it needs.
  • Choose the best Seed Garlic.

Test your Soil.

The first thing you can do before you plant and during the coarse of the growing season is to have your soil tested. We do this twice a year and it is relatively simple. We send a sample to Terra link in Abbotsford B.C. and they email us a report back within 3 days detailing what the condition our soil is in and what it needs or does not need.

Amend Your soil.

Garlic is a really heavy feeder and needs to have the right ingredients in the soil. To help achieve this we cover crop between harvest and planting to add back nitrogen and other ingredients into the soil naturally.

If you are growing crops that are not as hard on the nutrients in the soil that may well be all you need. Garlic demands more nutrients in order to achieve large and healthy bulbs. There are really good certified organic fertilizers on the market today that are very effective.

Choose the best Seed Garlic.

This is the most important step to growing large, healthy Great Garlic.

It is really important to know where your seed bulbs came from and when it was last renewed from Bulbils. Your crop is only going to be as good as the Seed you plant !!! If the Seed Garlic you purchase has any disease or viruses you will be transplanting that to your farm or garden. For best results you should buy your seed bulbs from a grower that specializes in growing Seed Garlic Bulbs and preferably from the actual grower of the seed bulb stock so you can ask lots of questions. Do not be afraid to ask Questions!!! The best way to ensure you are getting Great Seed Garlic bulbs that are virus and disease free, young, healthy and vigorous is to buy Seed stock that has been raised from bulbils!!!! This is the best way to ensure you are receiving virus and disease free seed while you get the added bonus of cloves that will adapt to your own growing climate very quickly. This is precisely why we renew our Garlic seed bulbs yearly from bulbils.

Although it takes twice as much work and two to three years for us to do it,. IT IS WORTH IT !! We believe whether you are buying these bulbs for culinary use or planting this will give you the very best GREAT GARLIC !